This beginning is different..

First I would like to say welcome to my new webpage! Not only will I be using this for my book and to get you all more in depth with all of my characters but I will be using it as kind of an escape for all my words that get stuck in my head. Normally I have lots of things going on in my head, I just choose not to say or write them all down, but now I can do that. I pretty excited about it. Thanks Bailey for giving me the inspiration to write down my thoughts like you! If you want to read where my inspiration came from you can find Bailey’s Blog here —->

Second off I would like to actually talk about my book… it all started from dreams that I kept having for the longest time. Little bits and pieces of my story would come to me one night at a time. I remember thinking to myself.. “Maybe I should write that down before I forget it, that would make a good story.” but I never ended up doing just that. I would always just let it go and continue my day. I always had so much going on between work, school and my home life I never thought I would get anything done when it came to actually writing a story. At the time that all this was going on there was this boy who just happened to be in my life at the time.. not going to get in to detail but I’m sure you all that know me know who. We were friends..we were best friends.. until he decided that he was mad at me for about two weeks.. and during that two weeks I began writing all the dreams that I ever had, pulling all these characters from all the people I know in real life only altering their names a little so if they ever read this story they would know it was them. After this said boy broke my heart, I began writing about him and all of my other friends. I wrote and wrote and described him as the person that I used to know and described my other friends as the people anyone would want as their friends, and within two weeks I had my book “The Siren Stone”. Jumping to the present, me and that boy are friends now, I’m still friends with almost everyone in the story. My characters mean a lot to me, just like my book does, so if you read the story and fall in love with even one of my characters just know you fell in love with one of my friends. 🙂

Ive made this post longer that I originally thought it would be, but at least you all know now where my story came from, keep reading my future post and maybe you will learn more about myself as well. Welcome to my life…. – Shelby


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