Dear Unnamed, 

You used to be so easy to write about.. It was just something that came so easy to me. Something that made me happy because I wanted to share our experiences that we went through, I wanted people to know how much you helped me in my darker times. My time with you was great, majority of the time anyway. I had many great adventures, and I had a best friend to tell my life too. Someone who wouldn’t judge me and would tell me the truth instead of what I wanted to hear. I had someone who cared about my wellbeing and not just someone who was around when it was convient for just him. That’s why the first book I’ve written came so easy. Yes I was mad at you but you came back to me and told me you were wrong.. I got to write about all the good times.. All the funny times… All the things you said to me.. And all the experiences..

But now as I write my second book you are no longer here.. My story must continue even though you are in it. My character of you will still be you… It is just harder to get all my words to the paper… Because I know I’m gonna get to that point when I have to tell the readers that you left and this time you didn’t come back and tell me you were wrong… This time you left and shut the door behind you. So as I continue to write this book, and if you pick it up to read it one day.. Know I’m still gonna write about those happy times.. But the sad times are coming.. And it’s not my fault this time, it’s yours and thank God I have finally come to terms with that. 

So with that being said, thank you for the good times.. You were my ever moving sea of emotions and you brought me out of my dark place and I will be forever great full of that, but… Things will be different now for us… You will always have a piece of my heart that no one can have, it’s just we were never meant to hold on to that rope of ours that long.. And now it’s just time to drift. 

– Sincerly Shelby


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