Eyes closed, Heart open.

Sometimes trying to keep your heart and mind open for new experiences can be challenging. It’s like when you have been hurt multiple times for the same reason you tend to just want to give up. It could be your career, your relationships, your friendships, but look at it from a different perspective. Think of all the good that can come out of the situation instead of all the bad or negative things.

When I wrote my book I’m pretty sure I ripped it up at least 4 times before I said that’s it… I’m sending this copy to the publisher. Even when I clicked the send button and it was too late I instantly regretted it, but now look at my story. It’s no longer just living in my head, it’s now in the hands and homes of 3000+ people. If that’s not a crazy feeling I don’t know what is. 

Moral of my rant today: In bad situations, try to think of all the good things that can come from the bad. You deserve it.

Goodnight Merfolk. – Shelby


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