Where did you come from?


I’m unsure as to why I am up so early when I don’t even have to be at work until one, but here I am in one of my states where I’m just thinking. I usually always tend to sit and over think things when I shouldn’t. You want the best advise about a situation you should come to me because I’ll tell you every detail that you don’t see. 😂 

Anyways, the one thing on my mind this morning is something that I never thought I would have again for a longer while than what I did, which is feelings.

It scares me almost but at the same time I needed that excitement in my life. I needed something that would take my mind off of the routine facts of my life and it’s like he just walked in and made that possible out of no where. 

At first I honestly didn’t think my feelings for someone would come back.. I though I had been emotionally wrecked enough that they were gone for good but I was wrong.

It’s the little things he said, such as “let’s have some pm coffee” or “I got it for you” or “let’s go on an adventure, I don’t know what we’re gonna do yet but we’ll figure it out when we get there.” It’s things like that I honestly just didn’t think I would hear except on the endless memes I have saved on my phone, but I was wrong. 

Not sure where these new feelings are going to end up going but for now it’s in the right place. 

More to come I promise.

I’m slowing trying to give you guys a small peak into my real life instead of my book life but just bare with me. 

Have a great day Merfolk. – Shelby


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