You can run from it, or learn from it. 

Sometimes when I have nothing better to do I grab my phone and go through my old messages with people, and I’m talking way back though the messages when we were all younger and had no cares except how we were gonna get out of going to school. 

When I read things like this, I think 3 things. 

Number one being, how could anybody even understand what I was trying to say to them. It’s like I was trying to be cool with the way I talked or something because I couldn’t even understand myself sometimes, so I know my friends were probably thinkin “Who is this person?”

Number two being, all the times I ditched people because I wanted to just stay home. I literally would come up with this random excuse that didn’t even make sense at all not to go somewhere. 😂 Crazy to think of all the fun I could have had. 

And number three being the most important. Most of the people who were TRYING to be my friend, the people who were actually messaging me because the liked me I always pushed away back then. 

Now that I’m older I realize all those people I was trying to push away are the same people who are my best friends or people that I just absolutely need in my life. 

Thank God they kept trying with me, because today I don’t know what I would do without any of these people.

Try it sometime.

You’ll find out who really cared now that your older. 💜

Have a good day Merfolk. – Shelby


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