Live your life.

People will always be the ones to judge you in life. It could be your friends, coworkers or even your own family.

 You may love your job, but to them it’s just a waste of time. You make love your house, but to them it may not be in the right part of town. You may love your partner and are finally happy in life, but to them you could do better..

But let me tell you something coming straight from Shelby here… STOP LETTING PEOPLES OPINIONS RUN YOUR LIFE. 

If you lived your entire life based on other peoples opinions on how you should live it, then your not really living YOUR life are you, your living the one they are creating for you.

Be your own person, work where you want to work, live where you wanna live, be with who you wanna be with, get that tattoo, move, splurge on yourself when you can, eat the food you want, buy the clothes you want. Live for you.

Rant over. Good day Merfolk. – Shelby


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