Time has a way of changing things.. and when I say things I mean everything. Life, the people your around, the jobs you work, the things that are important to you, the things that are going to be in your life forever. They all change. Lately my life has been pretty crazy with change. Lucky for me, my changes have all been pretty positive.

My friends list has grown smaller, but I feel like the important people are still here, because each of them make me happy, and I can be my complete self around. 

My love life has finally become a breath of fresh air thanks to this man I found who has helped my happiness stay at a higher level. Which is very important.

I just got recently promoted at my job, so a few minor changes have happened there but nothing to stressful.

My release date for book two has been pushed back but don’t worry, I have lots of new ideas in store for you guys! Things are going to be great. 

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep you all as updated as I should. I promise to do better. My love for you all will never change. Thanks again for your continued support. 

Good evening Merfolk. – Shelby


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