Even in darkness.

Good morning loves, it’s so very early but I just can’t sleep, which means I need to write.

I would just like to point out to everyone that your life is yours, and no one should be telling you how to live it. If you feel a certain way about something such as where you live, who your with, what job you want, or anything. Even if people tell you it’s wrong or it’s bad for you. In The end your never really gonna know until you go through whatever it is. You mind will always wonder if your body never does. 

Once you have went through whatever it was, if it was good for you.. That’s fantastic! Embrace your new changes, don’t rub it in people’s faces that you were right, just keep your new positive and move forward…

If it was bad, don’t let people’s reactions of your new decisions break you, even if people say I told you so, dont listen to them. Don’t let life get you down just because of one mistake. Because now that you have went through whatever it was you have learned not to let whatever it was break you again. 

Life is one crazy ride, but you can do it if you keep your self positive even in darkness. 

Have a great day merfolk. – Shelby


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