Stay Woke.

I know it’s been a while since I have updated my blog. Between working, moving into our new home, and other things that me and Dash have been going through I just haven’t had much time to update. But now that I do here we go….

I guess one of the first things I can tell you all is that me and Dash are doing great. We just recently moved back into his childhood home. Lots of things were left here when they moved out of the house and no one has lived here in years so we have been doing lots of cleaning, moving things and remodeling. I will upload pictures as soon as I can. 🙂 Frank has been staying with his grandparents (Dash’s Parents) for a while until we got all that done, but tonight is the very first night he is staying with us. We were so excited to bring him home. He’s still getting used to it but I think he will adjust just fine.


He’s currently sitting at the end of our bed wondering what all the clicking is coming from, when it’s actually me typing.

Dash has been helping me work on my second book which is something that I’ve really needed lately. He’s even helped type parts of it for me. Hopefully I can give you all an official date for the release but right now I just couldn’t tell you. It will be soon I can at least promise you that.

In the mean time…

I’m going to be over here trying to drink as much sweet tea as possible while I try to figure out this thing called adulting.


Wish me luck. Remember you good, you poppin.

– Shelby.



It’s easy to get lost in this cruel world. Nothing comes easy, no ones always nice, people always leave, nothing stays the same, and there is only so many times you can complain about something because eventually people stop listening.

All those things are just a fraction of what goes on. You never know what deamons a person is facing. I cant stress this enough that kindness goes a long way. 

A person could be gone in an instant.

If you want to show someone what they mean to you, show them now because tomorrow isnt promised. 

Life Lessons.


Its something that people take more advantage of than almost everything on earth.

Its the one thing that can really make or break a person.

And you know what? Everyone has feelings that are 100% different than everyone elses around them because no one is the same. 

See what people don’t understand is you can’t see what a person has been though so people do this awful thing where they say things that they think are “funny” or things that they were “just joking” about, but what they don’t realize how much damage they are actually doing.

Peice of advice for you all. Love so hard and be kind in case you or that person doesnt see tomorrow. And if you do see tomorrow love and show kindness again.

Everyone is broken. You could help heal some of the peices. 

– Shelby

Welcome to dreamland. 

The calm evenings of summer are the only thing that comforts my mind these days. For some reason I have been doing lots of deep thinking and since my chaotic life turned normal again I forgot just how peaceful these nights can be. Let me give you an idea of my current inner peace…..

“Laying on a bed of pillows and blankets on the bed in the absoulte most comforatable position, music is softly playing in the background. Sounds of my boyfriends dirtbike going back and forth by the window. Cool air blowing right on me while i write words i think up in my head”

And that is my heaven. ❤

With that being said, my deep thoughts are now going to carry me away into this neverending dream land i fail to leave everyday.
Love you all. 

– Shelby

Im just getting started.

“”4am I’m just getting started” as Gucci Mayne says. Im currently up and at ut this morning. Dash cleaned all night so ill clean all morning. Its only fair right? Well now that its clean and im sitting in front of the air cooling off. Yesterday was kinda a cleaning day for us at our house. The internet people are coming and we wanted to make sure our little house was tidy for them. 

So let me brag on my boyfriend for a min. I could be anywhere else in the world but I chose to be with a G. Haha. But for real tho. He ditched his G status for just yesterday and cleaned my whole car, the house, got rid of all the trash and there is no telling what he did while I was sleeping. Hes got the best heart you guys for real. Everything im lacking in life or that im not good at hes my strength. I know a lot of you all were worried at one point but hes my backbone and im not going anywhere. 😍 

Its crazy to think that life can happen the way it does. Ill try to get more pics you guys but Dash dosent like pictures. 😦 ill do what i can though.

– Shelby

Maybe.. but probably not.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that are actually big things. People tend to over look all of those little things and only look at the big. Of course your gonna remember all the big things like when you graduate, or when you get in a relationship, or when you finally get something you’ve been saving for or whatever, but the little things, such as what people do for you, or the things people say to you, or even the lazy days that you spend doing nothing all day. Those are the things that will mean the most to you down the line. Live and Love in the moment, because you never know what tomorrow brings.

Today has been like a Sunday for me and Dash. We’ve layed around in our pjs and done nothing all day long. We’ve talked of future plans and answered some of your questions which in turn has given us a better perception of eachother. He’s pretty great you guys.. And hes mine. God knew what he was doing when he gave me you and Frank. 

– Shelby


I don’t know why I feel the need to stay up so late at night these days. My current view of my cat at the foot of my bed, and my boyfriend and his friend on the couch chatting with each other is my haven. The simplicity of life lately has been overwhelming. In not sure what life has in store for me but Im excited to see where it goes. It amazes me everyday. I know that with my man, and my cat by my side I can accomplish anything because they believe in and count on me.

Late night thoughts at 2:00am. 

– Shelby