My last letter to you.

Dear you,

I never thought that I would sit down and have to write this… I mean it’s not like I have to but it’s the only way to get me back in the right mind.. we started out beautifully.. it was as if everything I was looking for came to me all at once. All the love I had ever given away was given right back to me. We shared intrest in food, people, and our surroundings. You took me places that I don’t think I would have ever seen if it wernt for you. You comforted me when I didn’t feel my self. You took my routine life and flipped it upside down. I took care of you, a house, food, clean clothes, a car… the list is long of the things I did. I worked hard to provide for us. Your love was all I needed to keep me going. You wrote me beautiful letters I’ll cherish forever. You would buy me little things that I said I wanted. You always knew how to put a smile on my face. No one understood me, or why I choose you so many times.. but they didn’t see the side of you that I did. The boy I knew was someone completely different than the one all his friends saw. I didn’t ever doubt you loved me, until I realized you were doing things that would eventually tear us apart. I thought after the first time this happened, and you promised me you would never do it again, things would actually change. Your exact words still haunt me. “I choose you babe, I just want you, please don’t leave” so I didnt… I gave you time to heal.. I tried to be there to comfort you. but you didnt get better.. You hid it again and again behind my back.. You ended up in the hospital where I stayed with you and didn’t leave your side at all for two days.. watched you come so close to death, you could actually feel it. I watched you become someone who you wernt.  And again… I stood by you. You promised…. again. Then I told you I couldn’t live that way anymore… You promised you would make things better… and you did for a little while..

But a little over two weeks ago, I found it. At that point. I wasn’t sad… I just felt empty. You chose what you did.. and I left… You let me leave.. with no problem.. and I guess that’s what is causing MY problem.

Why was it so easy for you to let me leave? Love doesn’t just stop? Is this what you wanted? Why couldn’t you just tell me? Was this all just passing time for you?

So now three weeks later and you still haven’t contacted me… It’s like all the times we had, all the times you would look me in the eye and tell me. “Your defiantly my forever babe” there all just words.. with no meaning. 

I believe you were put in my life for a reason, I still dont know that reason.. but eventually one day I will.

So thank you for all the better times in our relationship, thank you for showing me how to fish and shoot a gun, thank you for being my safe place for as long as you were,  thank you for showing me how strong I can actually be, thank you for showing me words are not always meaningful, thank you for breaking me. I see it now because of the person I really am.



Even in darkness.

Good morning loves, it’s so very early but I just can’t sleep, which means I need to write.

I would just like to point out to everyone that your life is yours, and no one should be telling you how to live it. If you feel a certain way about something such as where you live, who your with, what job you want, or anything. Even if people tell you it’s wrong or it’s bad for you. In The end your never really gonna know until you go through whatever it is. You mind will always wonder if your body never does. 

Once you have went through whatever it was, if it was good for you.. That’s fantastic! Embrace your new changes, don’t rub it in people’s faces that you were right, just keep your new positive and move forward…

If it was bad, don’t let people’s reactions of your new decisions break you, even if people say I told you so, dont listen to them. Don’t let life get you down just because of one mistake. Because now that you have went through whatever it was you have learned not to let whatever it was break you again. 

Life is one crazy ride, but you can do it if you keep your self positive even in darkness. 

Have a great day merfolk. – Shelby

Be Kind.

Between work and everything going on in my home life it seems like I don’t even have time for writing down my thoughts anymore which sucks because writing has always been something that has helped me in situations when talking never could. It’s like putting my thoughts into words is so much more easy than actually speaking them.

The positives in my life come back and fourth in waves, but here lately it seems like its that way for everybody and not just me. So, just so everyone knows, your not alone.

Everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about so make sure that you are always kind to people. I can’t stress that enough to people. Some people don’t even show when they are truly unhappy. They will just go about there day, because they don’t want to be a bother to people.

Tip for the day: Say something positive to someone you don’t know. You never know if it could be just what they needed to hear.

Have a goodnight merfolk. – Shelby


Time has a way of changing things.. and when I say things I mean everything. Life, the people your around, the jobs you work, the things that are important to you, the things that are going to be in your life forever. They all change. Lately my life has been pretty crazy with change. Lucky for me, my changes have all been pretty positive.

My friends list has grown smaller, but I feel like the important people are still here, because each of them make me happy, and I can be my complete self around. 

My love life has finally become a breath of fresh air thanks to this man I found who has helped my happiness stay at a higher level. Which is very important.

I just got recently promoted at my job, so a few minor changes have happened there but nothing to stressful.

My release date for book two has been pushed back but don’t worry, I have lots of new ideas in store for you guys! Things are going to be great. 

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep you all as updated as I should. I promise to do better. My love for you all will never change. Thanks again for your continued support. 

Good evening Merfolk. – Shelby

Don’t lose hope yet.

Lately my life has been a bit crazy. Not the bad crazy though! The good kind. The kind that makes you feel alive. 

I’m sorry that I haven’t done a very good job of keeping the followers of TheSirenStone that updated but I have lots of good things in store for you all. 

I have so many ideas, that I just need to make a move and put into place, and believe me. I will. 

Don’t give up on me yet Merfolk. 

– Shelby

Live your life.

People will always be the ones to judge you in life. It could be your friends, coworkers or even your own family.

 You may love your job, but to them it’s just a waste of time. You make love your house, but to them it may not be in the right part of town. You may love your partner and are finally happy in life, but to them you could do better..

But let me tell you something coming straight from Shelby here… STOP LETTING PEOPLES OPINIONS RUN YOUR LIFE. 

If you lived your entire life based on other peoples opinions on how you should live it, then your not really living YOUR life are you, your living the one they are creating for you.

Be your own person, work where you want to work, live where you wanna live, be with who you wanna be with, get that tattoo, move, splurge on yourself when you can, eat the food you want, buy the clothes you want. Live for you.

Rant over. Good day Merfolk. – Shelby

Little Things…

Finally I have found my happiness. It didn’t come in the form of books, tv shows, makeup, painting, or writing. Even though I love all of those things my happiness came in the form of a person. A person who has been in my life forever, but I’m just now realizing has been right in front of my face the whole time.

So just a little advice from me to you, don’t overlook the things or people you think are just little things. In the end it may just be everything you wanted and needed in my life. 

Goodnight Merfolk – Shelby

Get ready for ADVENTURE. 

So many adventures have been going on in my life lately I’m not sure if I even know where to start with all of it. I try so hard to get my feelings out into words, but it always seems like I wait until last minute to do anything. 

Take my book two for example. It goes on sale October 1st and I’m not even near done with it. I’ll get there but just in in the nick of time. 

Lately I have been trying to wrap my head around lots of things, things im not used to but I thank God for daily. The first being my boyfriend. Lately he has been my encouragement for almost everything in life. I can come to him stressed about a problem and he can make me feel like I am crazy for being stressed about something so small. He makes me feel happy and protected. He always lets me know how he feels and I crave his opinions. It’s like my life was so constant and routine before I met him, but he helped me out of my shell and I think our friendship of 7 years before we ever dated helped that.

The second is my job and coworkers. I have never worked at a place where I have felt so at home and at peace with everyone. I love what I do, and the people I get to surround myself with everyday more than anyone will ever know. I went through so many jobs where I was unhappy or dealing with people who were always fighting or had something to say and now I’m just at a place where I am happy and content and hope to stay there for a long time.

The third is my best friend Lacey. I just don’t know where I would be without her constant guidance in my life. When my boyfriend can’t help, my bestfriend can. She’s my motivation, she sees things way before I see them and I’m forever greatful of that. 

The fourth is a tiny adventure I can’t quite share with you guys yet but trust me, when I do your gonna be just as blown away as I am. 

Thank you all for your continued support in everything I do. 

Love you. Have a great day Merfolk. – Shelby

Waves of life.

My happiness lately has been coming in waves, so I’m sorry if I have confused anyone with some of my more recent post. I think about writing when something is going on in my life, so it’s really not as chaotic as it seems in words. 

As the time for my second book gets closer and closer I get nervous, and so I write all these blog post when really I should be working on my book. lol Story of my life I guess.

Keeping you guys updated for real though is one of my favorite things to do. Getting out all of my pent up feelings is really calming.. If that’s even the right word. Thank God for the few people keeping me sane lately.. Idk where I would be without you all. 

In the life of Shelby, something new happens everyday. I hope to be able to actual get into more detail later but for now just know I’m good! 👍🏻

Love you. Have a great day Merfolk! – Shelby

Deep Breath. Now Breathe.

The best feeling in the world is the feeling of taking a deep breath and letting it out slow. Especially when you have been fighting for something for a long time and you finally have accomplished it.

I’ve been having that feeling a lot lately.. Especially when I’m around one person in particular. 

When I’m around him it’s like a breath that I have needed to take from being underwater for to long, like my soul just kinda looked at him and was like “Oh there you are, I’ve been looking for you”, a feeling of peace comes from him. 

Just pure happiness I wanted to share. Never take things for granted. Never give up on something you really want. 

Have a good day Merfolk. – Shelby