So here’s what Dash has been into lately. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXG5mrcNKqzUQgFJsYWpCOg


Making Moves.

So many things have been happening for me lately that I have barely had time for myself at all.

The first and most important is my sweet kitten Hazel Grace recently was bitten by a snake, after an emergency trip to the get on memorial day and lots of antibiotics my sweet girl is finally feeling better. ❤

The second being I finally broke down and bought a new phone so that I could take better pictures and be able to have all of my apps back so that I can actually update all my pages with any upcoming news that I have had.

And finally the third being In finally getting my life sorted out. Dash and I have been working slowly but surly on our little home together and let me tell you how good it feels to see things finally coming along. Great!!

Oh and book number 2 is coming along too, only a few finishing touches before its release.

I’m so excited!

Just another day.

Hello again! 🙂

It’s been a crazy day over at this house. Yesterday I fell and hurt my ankle so I have been stuck in a Drs Office all day waiting for them to tell me I have a bad sprain. My foot is so bruised and swollen it’s hard to walk. So that means I have been spending my day with my sweet little kittens while my Dash plays his games.


Our new kitten Hazel Grace is such a momma’s girl. She’s always right beside me no matter what I’m doing or what room I’m in. 🙂 Finally an animal that loves me! lol.

Oh and let me post this sweet picture of my boy Franklin. lol Then I promise I’ll save my kitty talk for another time.


Now back to me sitting on the computer for hours for absolutely no reason at all. 😀

Have a great day MerFolk. – Shelby

Just a little update.

So I just now realized that I really need to get my life together. lol. Doesn’t everyone feel this way sometimes? It’s hard for me to stay focused lately I guess. I finally made some updates on the website and hope to be posting more blogs soon. Even if I’m just posting them for me, who knows. I might want to look at these one day in the future. I’m all about looking back at things from the past.

Anyways. My sweet kittens Franklin and Hazel Grace are finally getting along now. Frank tries to escape her sometimes but they always end up like this at the end of the night. ❤


My kittens for real relieve a lot of my stress sometimes. Animals are good about doing that though.

– Shelby ❤

Stay Woke.

I know it’s been a while since I have updated my blog. Between working, moving into our new home, and other things that me and Dash have been going through I just haven’t had much time to update. But now that I do here we go….

I guess one of the first things I can tell you all is that me and Dash are doing great. We just recently moved back into his childhood home. Lots of things were left here when they moved out of the house and no one has lived here in years so we have been doing lots of cleaning, moving things and remodeling. I will upload pictures as soon as I can. 🙂 Frank has been staying with his grandparents (Dash’s Parents) for a while until we got all that done, but tonight is the very first night he is staying with us. We were so excited to bring him home. He’s still getting used to it but I think he will adjust just fine.


He’s currently sitting at the end of our bed wondering what all the clicking is coming from, when it’s actually me typing.

Dash has been helping me work on my second book which is something that I’ve really needed lately. He’s even helped type parts of it for me. Hopefully I can give you all an official date for the release but right now I just couldn’t tell you. It will be soon I can at least promise you that.

In the mean time…

I’m going to be over here trying to drink as much sweet tea as possible while I try to figure out this thing called adulting.


Wish me luck. Remember you good, you poppin.

– Shelby.


It’s easy to get lost in this cruel world. Nothing comes easy, no ones always nice, people always leave, nothing stays the same, and there is only so many times you can complain about something because eventually people stop listening.

All those things are just a fraction of what goes on. You never know what deamons a person is facing. I cant stress this enough that kindness goes a long way. 

A person could be gone in an instant.

If you want to show someone what they mean to you, show them now because tomorrow isnt promised. 

Life Lessons.


Its something that people take more advantage of than almost everything on earth.

Its the one thing that can really make or break a person.

And you know what? Everyone has feelings that are 100% different than everyone elses around them because no one is the same. 

See what people don’t understand is you can’t see what a person has been though so people do this awful thing where they say things that they think are “funny” or things that they were “just joking” about, but what they don’t realize how much damage they are actually doing.

Peice of advice for you all. Love so hard and be kind in case you or that person doesnt see tomorrow. And if you do see tomorrow love and show kindness again.

Everyone is broken. You could help heal some of the peices. 

– Shelby